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Reserve Your Space at the 2022 Music & Arts Festival

4th of July
Music & Arts Festival
on the Soccer Field, Venus Park

Sponsored by the Route 66 Arts Alliance and the Town of Edgewood

Monday, July 4th, from 9am-3pm

This one-day holiday show is located on the Edgewood Soccer Field on Rt 344, Edgewood. The whole community drives by this field almost every day. It will be the only event happening in town on July 4th and we hope to have everyone there! We will have banners and posters all over town. Food and snacks available. Music all day, too. Make Art Here table for kids. We will be partnering with many of the town’s groups and churches to make this a town party! We have had great festivals in the past. We are all ready for some fun. Be there!

Where: Wind Pavillion (under a roof) Edgewood Soccer Field at Venus Park, Rt 344, Edgewood.
When: Monday, 4th of July 2022, from 9am-3pm. Set up: Set up starts at 7am.
How much: $40 for an 8’x8’ space, in the Wind Pavillion, or $60 for a 10×10 space in the tent.
Plan on bringing your table and chairs. There will be food trucks. The tent is 30×30 covered all
around. Parking is free all day. This is a special price for this one-day show.

You must be a member of the Rt 66 Arts Alliance to participate.

This event was a success. Thank you for your support.